MB-45 windows


MB-45 windows

Modern aluminium system that allows to create diverse interior design.


  • Modern and stable aluminum profile allows to achieve the effect of one surpace frame and the sash on the outside, after the window has been closed.
  • Possibility to customize the interior as a result of the wide RAL colour range.
  • The system is compatible with other aluminum systems in DRUTEX offer.
  • The system allows to apply one- or two- glass packages.
  • Tightness is ensured by the use of special seals made of synthetic rubber EPDM that guarantees lond lasting of the material.
  • A significant advantage of MB-45 system is the possibility to bend profiles, i.a. the frames and sashes, which enables to produce various types of arch structures.
  • High comfort of usage and the minimal need for maintenance, and long durability.


Aluminium profile 45mm ( frame) and 54mm (sash) depth.


Glass packages available up to 24 mm; the possibility to apply glass with enhanced sound insulation, tempered, safety, anti-burglary, ornament and solar protective.


Maco Multi Matic KS with two anti-burglary bolts. Window equipped with a blockage against handle misplacement and a sash lift *; micro-ventilation in a slot **;

*Depending on the window height
**for tilt and turn windows


This product is aviable in 200 RAL colors